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Family Law

Family life can be turbulent. Whether your family is currently experiencing an exciting change or a difficult time, you’ll want to consult with a competent family law attorney to discuss your options, as well as the possible advantages and pitfalls of each choice. Taking important precautionary steps will greatly increase your chances of a favorable conclusion.

Let’s face facts. Tension involving family relations often causes intense anxiety and a heightened sense of urgency.  Those  factors make family law a complicated and emotional field of law. And that’s exactly why family law involves delicate issues that have long-term legal, financial, and emotional consequences for all the parties involved.  As a result, it’s important that your family law attorney is particularly skilled in litigation, negotiation, taxation, and property evaluation. Moreover, your attorney should be capable of handling these issues, while managing the tense and stressful situation of your personal life. In other words, your attorney should help you navigate the chaotic state of affairs, while still being effective at his job.

The right family law attorney will help you see the bigger picture and understand the intricacies of troublesome details, so that you can make well-informed decisions on how you want the case to proceed. With that in mind, he should be able to provide you with clear and detailed responses to questions like the following:

  • How will you protect my best interests in a divorce case?
  • Who will make the important decisions about my children’s health care and education, and where they will live?
  • What about child support? Who will pay it and how much?
  • Is it possible to get primary custody over the children? If so, how?
  • Considering that my husband was the family’s breadwinner, how will I make ends meet after our divorce?
  • Do we need to consider a pre-marital or post-marital property agreement? How can a pre-marital or post-marital agreement protect us and what do we need to include in such an agreement?

As you can see from the questions above, the right attorney should be able to assist you in a wide variety of family law matters, such as divorce, custody, support, spousal maintenance, and pre-marital and post-marital agreements. The Law Office of Bryan D. Perkins will help you protect your best interests, whether it’s during exciting changes or difficult moments of your life.